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Wifi enabled thermostats

Society today is technology driven, and WiFi-enabled thermostats make taking control of indoor temperatures no exception. Not only are we able to control the climate inside, we can now access the controls remotely with this technology. To stay on the cutting edge in HVAC control for your business, check out WiFi-enabled thermostats with Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating. You can control the thermostat in your space from your mobile device. You’ll never be surprised by record highs and lows or an imperfect weather forecast. No matter the weather outside, you will always be able to control the indoor weather at your place of business from anywhere. 

WiFi-Enabled Thermostats Make It Easy To:

• Override the set point on your programmable thermostat temporarily due to weather patterns, surprise guests, or a change in schedule.

• Alter the cyclical temperature set points and times for your ongoing thermostat weekday and weekend programs.

• Receive reminders when you need to change your air filters, call for planned maintenance, or set up a service appointment.

• Track heating and cooling expenses, humidity levels, and settings with real time and historical reports.

WiFi-Enabled Thermostats Benefits:

• Conserve energy. The weather is unpredictable and sometimes, so is your schedule. With WiFi-enabled thermostats, you can enter “away” mode as often as you wish. You’ll reduce the energy consumption of your heating and cooling units. 

• Stay comfortable. Say goodbye to walking in the door and peeling off layers or waiting half an hour before removing your coat. Your home or business can be ready at the temperature you want while you’re still in transit. 

• Relax. A WiFi-enabled thermostat allows you to adjust settings on vacation or while still at home getting ready to head in to work. 

Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating Is Your Source For WiFi-Enabled Thermostats

Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating has been serving Florence and the surrounding areas since 1976. Over the years, we have expanded our products and services to be able to offer you the latest and greatest in HVAC technology. One of our certified technicians will visit your space and walk you through the operation of your new WiFi-enabled thermostat. It’s technology that makes sense in a world of WiFi.

Call 843-665-7470 today to ask about our Carrier WiFi-enabled thermostats.

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