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Will Closing My Air Vents Help Me Save Energy?


Saving energy may require the use of energy services from an HVAC company.

If you want to run your HVAC unit as efficiently as possible, you can use the energy services from an HVAC company or professional. But some people avoid asking for professional advice and instead try to save energy with their own tricks and strategies.

One of the most common is closing an air vent. But does this really work? The short answer is no; it does not.

Why It Seems Like It Should Work

It makes sense that closing an air vent should help save energy. By stopping warm or cool air from flowing into one section of a building or home, it can then travel to another section, helping to warm or cool that area. So, if you want it cooler in the living room and the bedroom is empty, you should be able to close the vents in the bedroom. Then the cold air that would have gone into the bedroom now can go to the living room. This is a logical conclusion, but in practice, it doesn’t work.

Why It Doesn’t Really Work

There are two main reasons why closing an air vent won't work. First, there is a buildup of air pressure within the HVAC ductwork. In a perfect HVAC system, this higher pressure will stay within the ductwork. But what actually happens is that the high-pressure air finds its way out of the ductwork into empty areas within walls, floors or ceilings. So instead of the air going into a room as intended, it goes to a place no one will notice.

Second, the higher pressure air can create leaks in the HVAC ductwork. Later on, when the vents are all open, the heated or cooled air will leak out and never reach its intended destination.

Third, as a result of the higher pressure, the HVAC’s air handler has to work harder to try and move the same amount of air within the ductwork system. Assuming it can do this without damage, the air handler will use more electricity. So, the reality is that closing an air vent saves no energy and will often result in higher energy usage by your HVAC system.

If you want to learn a few ways to save energy, consider using the energy services of an HVAC professional; our team at Jerry’s Air Conditioning and Heating is ready to go to work for you, so contact us now.

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