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Why Doesn’t My Heat Pump Shut Off?

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It is not uncommon for heating and air conditioning units, especially heat pumps, to sound like they are constantly running. If outside temperatures are extremely high or low, this could just be your heat pump working to regulate the temperatures inside. But if the temperatures are not in the extremes, it could be a sign that something is not right with your unit.

Is Your Heating and Air Conditioning System Working Overtime?

Your heat pump will often run almost nonstop during the colder months. This is normal when the temperatures drop. If it is not extremely cold out and your heat pump still won't shut off, it is time to look for other factors.

  • Is your thermostat set too low? Double check the settings on your thermostat as well as the batteries inside it.
  • Is your outdoor unit running? If not, check your breakers.
  • Double check that the condensation pump is running.
  • Check the air filters. If they are dirty, they may need replacement.
  • See if any doors or windows are open. They may be disrupting the inside temperatures your heat pump is working so hard to maintain.

When to Call in the Pros to Take a Look at Your Heating and Air Conditioning System

It is always a good idea to call your local heating and air conditioning company to check your system if you have any concerns. Getting your system regularly serviced and maintained will keep it working efficiently and prolong the lifespan. Performing routine maintenance checks can address smaller issues and prevent them from becoming bigger problems.

Do you have concerns about your heating and air conditioning system? We are here to help. Contact our team of experts at Jerry’s Air Conditioning and Heating today.

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