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I Have Dry Sinuses and My Carpet Keeps Shocking Me. Why Is That?

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Our heating and air conditioning experts get all kinds of different questions from customers, but we hardly ever get asked about static build-up in carpets. True, we’re not carpet people, but the problem isn’t actually in the carpet itself. It’s in the air. Dry air, to be specific.

How Static Builds Up in Dry Environments

Electron charges generally dissipate when there’s an adequate level of moisture in the air. However, in dry, arid environments, the static charge continues to build and cling to both you and your carpet.

The result? A painful and unwelcome shock.

Other side effects of dry air can include flaky skin, dry sinuses, and bleary eyes. None of these symptoms are pleasant, but the good news is they are also all completely avoidable.

So, How Can an HVAC Company Help with Overly-Dry Air?

We’re so glad you asked! We have whole-home humidity control systems, specially designed to ensure the indoor air quality in your house is comfortable year-round. This helps combat the drying effect that can happen when your heating and air conditioning systems suck all the moisture out of the air. Your home comfort system will measure the humidity and replace lost moisture automatically.

No more dry coughs, nasty shocks, and papery sinuses!

Interested in a Brand New Humidity Control System?

Great! We’d love to tell you about all the options, and the myriad of ways you’ll notice a difference in your everyday life. Contact our team of climate control experts at Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating and we’ll send one of our heating and air conditioning professionals to your home right away!

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