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What Do I Do When My HVAC System Freezes Up?


Homeowners are sometimes afraid of troubleshooting when it comes to HVAC problems, but there are some heating and cooling issues you can safely handle on your own. A frozen evaporator coil is a good example. It’s simple to fix this problem and determine what caused it without the help of a professional.

How to Tell When Your AC Is Frozen Up

If you turn on your central air conditioner and warm air comes from your vents, you should first check your thermostat to make sure the settings are correct. Turn the temperature down three degrees from your home’s current temperature to see if the unit comes on. If it does, but is still not putting out cold air, it’s likely frozen over.

Checking Potential Causes for AC Freezing

Restricted airflow is the most common cause of freezing. The culprit might be a dirty filter, closed vent or blocked register. After shutting off your air conditioner, check your filter and change it out if necessary. Open all your vents and make sure nothing is blocking the flow to the returns.

Don’t be alarmed if you see moisture on or around your unit. “Freezing over” isn’t just a turn of phrase. If you inspect your system, you may see real ice! If you do, it’s important to leave it alone and let a professional handle the problem. Attempting to remove it yourself may result in severe damage and expensive repair bills.

Defrosting Your System

After clearing up any airflow restrictions and waiting an hour or so for your AC to defrost, you might discover your problems have resolved. If not, it may be time to call in a professional. Worn parts, complicated blockages and advanced pressure issues can also cause an evaporator to ice over, and they aren’t jobs for an amateur.

Keep the need for troubleshooting low by changing your filters regularly and scheduling seasonal maintenance on all of your HVAC equipment. If you see the first sign of a problem, call in experienced professionals for the fastest, longest-lasting solutions. Contact our team at Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating whenever you need reliable repairs.

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