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What Should I Expect from a Winter HVAC Maintenance Visit?

Winter HVAC Service Visit

Maintenance agreements are created to keep your unit working well and keep your heating and cooling costs low. In order to get your money’s worth for a regular maintenance agreement, there are a few things that should happen at each visit.

Keep reading to learn what you should expect from a winter HVAC maintenance visit:

A Thorough Inspection: A technician should never leave a preventative maintenance appointment without a thorough inspection of your unit. Inspections are crucial to catching minor repairs before they become bigger, more costly repairs. During the inspection, the technician will check your refrigerant levels, check for leaks, inspect coils, drip pans, and the test the thermostat.

Filter Replacement: Filters trap the dust and particles in the air, build up will eventually occur and keep your unit from functioning properly. Because of this, your filters should always be replaced during a seasonal preventative maintenance visit.

Unit Cleaning: The coil and condensation pan on your unit can cause problems for your unit if they are not properly cleaned each season.

Lubricating Mechanical Components: In order to keep your unit smoothly operating, the mechanical components will need to be lubricated at each visit. A reliable maintenance provider will prioritize a thorough preventative maintenance visit during each season, because they understand the importance of keeping your unit in top working condition. At Jerry’s Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer a Service Club membership to all of customers.

To sign up for one of our cost-saving maintenance agreements today, click here or call 846.655.7470 to speak with one of our certified HVAC professionals.

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