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What Is Emergency Heat?

Outdoor HVAC heating system

Knowing when you should — and shouldn’t — use emergency heat could make or break your monthly heating & air conditioning bills.

Before the temperatures drop, it is important to understand how the heat pump of your heating and air conditioning system works. In order to fully understand your HVAC system, it helps to understand emergency heat and when you should use it.

How does a heat pump work?

An all-electric HVAC system relies on a heat pump the majority of the time. When the temperature outside is above 40 degrees, the heat pump pulls the heat from outdoors into your home. If the temperature is lower than 40 degrees, it becomes more difficult to heat your home with outdoor air alone, so the heat pump uses electric heating coils to heat the air before pushing it into your home.

How does emergency heat work?

Basically, emergency heat steps in when your heat pump can no longer do the job of keeping your home warm. Emergency heat relies on electric heating coils all of the time to heat the air in your home.

When should I turn on my emergency heat?

Because emergency heat relies on electric heating coils all of the time to heat the air in your home, using it can significantly increase your heating and air conditioning costs. You should only turn on your emergency heat if your heat pump is no longer working. Additionally, if your heat pump has stopped working, you should call an HVAC repairman immediately to have your unit repaired.

The team at Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating knows what a headache a broken heat pump can be. This is why we do our best to offer 24/7 emergency air conditioner repair so you can avoid the extra cost of relying on your emergency heat to keep your home warm.

If you are concerned about the wellbeing of your home heating and air conditioning system, call 846.655.7470 or click here to schedule a visit with one of our certified HVAC technicians at Jerry’s.

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