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What HVAC Products Can Cut My Monthly Energy Costs This Summer?

Smart Thermostat Settings Can Help You Save

The summer may be drawing to a close in many parts of the country, but here in Florence we are still running our air conditioning systems due to high temperatures. When you live in an area with a long summer, it may feel like your monthly air conditioning expenses are always high. You can keep your energy costs low this summer by investing in a few essential HVAC products.

Consider these products designed to help you save money while keeping your home comfortable:

Programmable Digital Thermostat

With a digital, programmable thermostat you can maintain a comfortable home environment and keep your AC set at the most efficient temperature based on the season, whether or not you are home.

HEPA Air Filter

Replacing your air conditioner’s filter with a high-efficiency particulate air filter has two big benefits. A HEPA Air Filter can keep the air in your home cleaner than any other filter. This filter also works very efficiently, which means your unit has to do less work to keep the air in your home clean.

Air Cleaner

At Jerry’s, we offer air cleaners as a way of keeping the air in your home clean. When the air in your home is clean, your air conditioner can run more efficiently and you can avoid dust build up on your filter and coils.

We understand how expensive it can be to keep your home comfortable during the hottest days of summer. To learn more about purchasing one of the cost-cutting heating and air conditioning products mentioned above, click this link or call 846.655.7470 to speak to the friendly team of experts at Jerry’s.

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