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What Do You Include in Your Routine Maintenance Agreement for Commercial Clients?

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When it comes to HVAC commercial services, many providers offer maintenance agreements to their corporate customers. While we firmly believe in the value maintenance agreements offer, it’s important to understand that they aren’t all created equal.

We’ve gone ahead and outlined everything included in our plans, so you have a good benchmark to use when evaluating your next agreement. If it doesn’t contain all of the following, move on. You can do better.

Quality Commercial Maintenance Agreements

  • Routine service and tune-ups twice a year. For the price of your annual, quarterly, or monthly fee, you receive two comprehensive inspections and tune-ups each year. These tune-ups should include the following:
    1. Courtesy calls from your HVAC provider to remind you it’s time for a system inspection
    2. Visual inspection of all mechanical parts
    3. Routine maintenance and cleaning of belts, fans, and blowers
    4. System tuning to optimize performance
  • Priority service calls in case of emergencies. If the worst happens and your system goes down, you get moved to the top of the list. This is especially valuable when you live in areas with extreme climates; customer comfort or climate controlled storage are an essential component for most businesses.
  • Discounts on repairs and service. This feature is always helpful when you have an aging system on your hands. When belts, fans, and other things start to go, it can be pricey to replace them. Most quality plans offer their best customers a percentage discount on parts, labor, or both.
  • Service warranty. We guarantee your repairs will be performed correctly the first time.

One Final Tip: Read the Fine Print

Here at Jerry’s, we believe in straightforward, easy to understand terms and conditions. What does that mean? Well, it means you don’t need a law degree to understand the words on the page. If your provider’s contract contains many words like wherein, heretofore, and thereby, you should probably move along.

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to have a member of our commercial services team walk you through all of our great plan options.

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