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What Can I Do to Cut Costs If My Business' AC is Always Running?

Commercial HVAC Systems

As an industry leader in HVAC commercial services, the team at Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating knows that heating and cooling expenses account for a large portion of your budget. If your business’s air conditioner is always running, we have a few suggestions for cutting costs. Check out these tips for slashing your business’s energy bill this summer:

Invest in Preventative Maintenance

If a commercial air conditioning and heating system is not in tip-top condition, business’ energy expenses increase. Even minor problems such as an old, dirty air filter can prevent your system from running well. Because of this, regular inspection and routine maintenance are vital to keeping your costs low.

Perform an Energy Audit

When you have a large commercial heating & air conditioning system, it is easy to miss small problems with your system. Our experienced and qualified technicians can perform an audit of your commercial air conditioning and heating system. The goal of an energy audit is to use a series of test to detect any weaknesses in your system and to discover ways to improve your systems efficiency.

Install an Energy Management System

An energy management system is a self-auditing system that can adjust energy output during low occupancy and low traffic times. Through the use of an energy management system, Jerry’s Air Conditioning and Heating is able to help you ensure your HVAC commercial services are running at maximum efficiency.

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