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What Are the Most Efficient HVAC Settings My Home Can Have?

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With the changing seasons, it is important to adjust HVAC settings to maximize the energy efficiency of your unit. If you are keeping your unit maintained well, you have already taken the first big step towards maximizing how efficiently your unit runs. What is the next step to increasing the energy efficiency of your home? Properly setting your thermostat can be the determining factor of how much you spend keeping your home comfortable for your family.

Consider these HVAC settings tweaks to maximize energy efficiency and comfort:

Summer Settings

We think the most efficient temperature for your unit is 78 degrees. When you leave your home, you may adjust the temperature higher. If you choose to do this, remember to never adjust your thermostat by more than 5%. Any more than 5% will actually cost you more money because of the amount of work your unit has to do to cool your home when you return.

Winter Settings

During the winter months we find home heating and cooling units run most efficiently when set on 68 degrees while you are awake. If you are comfortable, decrease your thermostat setting by no more than 5% while you are sleeping for additional settings.

Adjusting your thermostat for changes in seasons or when you leave your home can be a lot to remember. At Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we can make this task simple by installing a programmable digital thermostat.

For more information about having a digital thermostat installed to increase the energy efficiency of your unit, click this link or call 843.655.7470 to speak with one of our experienced technicians.

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