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Ways to Lengthen the Life of your HVAC Unit

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There are some great ways to extend the life of your HVAC system, but they all come down to safety and prevention. If you do not take care of your heating and air conditioning, or you do not hire a company to do it for you, your HVAC system can get neglected and end up damaged and worn out well before its natural lifespan.

Your HVAC Should Have Regular Maintenance

Components such as the air filter, ductwork, grilles, return register, and supply registers all need to be regularly maintained. Dust, pet hair, and other items can build up in and around these things, and when that happens your HVAC is forced to work harder.

This inefficiency of a heating and air system can cost you money on your energy bill, but that's not the only problem. Not having a well-maintained HVAC can also mean the system must be replaced sooner. With regular maintenance from a trusted company, you can avoid such a problem and help your unit to last as long as possible.

A Blocked Drain Can Shorten Your System's Life

Every HVAC system has a drain where condensation is collected and removed. Over time, mineral buildup and other things in the water can block the drain and allow water to back up. When water doesn't drain properly, it can:

• Back up into the unit, causing damage.
• Puddle on the floor, creating a hazard.
• Damage drywall, carpet, and other finishes.

Check for Debris in Indoor and Outdoor HVAC Locations

If you have a lot of items piled around the furnace in the basement, or there are big piles of leaves collecting on the outside air conditioning unit, it is important to clear those areas properly. By performing this simple task, your HVAC components can operate efficiently, and that will reduce the risk of damage to those components over time.

For more information about safety and prevention when it comes to your HVAC system, contact our friendly team of experts at Jerry's Air Conditioning & Heating today.

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