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Two Summer Ceiling Fan Tips

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One of the most effective comfort accessories for staying cool this summer is the ceiling fan.

The ceiling fan is one of the top comfort accessories because it allows you to be cool and comfortable without using excessive amounts of electricity. To make the most of your ceiling fan this summer, try the following tips:

1. Set the Right Rotation

Most ceiling fans have a switch or option that allows you to control the direction the blades turn. As you can imagine, this will determine the flow of the air in your room. The general rule of thumb is that in the summer, you want the fan to rotate in a way that blows air down toward the floor. In most situations, this means the fan rotates counter-clockwise if you were to look at it while lying on your back on the floor. This is the ideal summer rotation direction because it allows the occupants of the room to easily feel the flow of air over their bodies, which in turn makes them feel cooler.

In case you're wondering, the fan should rotate in the opposite direction in the winter. This allows the fan to pull down the warm air along the walls while avoiding creating a draft in the middle of the room that might make you feel a bit chilly.

Don’t Run the Fan All the Time

It doesn’t hurt to run a ceiling fan even when no one is in the room, but this won’t make the room any cooler. It might make it feel cooler because it more effectively distributes cool air throughout the room. But because the fan doesn't remove heat energy from the air, it's not actually bringing down the temperature. So, when you run the fan when the room is empty, you're probably just wasting a little bit of electricity.

To find out more about other comfort accessories that might help you stay cool this summer, get in touch with our team of cooling experts at Jerry’s Air Conditioning and Heating.

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