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4 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient


If your energy bill is much higher than you think it should be, there are a few tips and tricks that can help with troubleshooting your unexpected energy usage for higher levels of energy efficiency.

Some troubleshooting may be necessary if you don’t have the most energy efficient home. But luckily, the following tips and tricks are fairly simple and easy to do to reduce your monthly energy bill:

Tip #1: Seal Air Leaks

No matter how efficient your heater or air conditioner is, it means nothing if you have air leaks. Without proper sealing, the warm or cool air your HVAC unit works so hard to create will literally go right out the window or front door. The good news is that stopping these air leaks is fairly simple. Just a bit of weather stripping or caulk around a leaky window or door will usually do the trick.

Trick #2: Lower the Temperature of Your Hot Water Heater

Hot water is extremely convenient, but most hot water heaters have settings that allow the water to go so hot, no normal human can safely use it. Therefore, there is little point in having your hot water heater warm your water to a temperature that is too hot to use. So go ahead and drop your hot water heater’s thermostat a few degrees and save a bit of energy without even realizing a difference.

Tip #3: Adjust Your Thermostat

Setting your thermostat a few degrees high or lower can save significant money. In many instances you won’t even notice the temperature change. Just setting the thermostat one or two degrees cooler in the winter and one to two degrees warmer in the summer can result in substantial savings. If the temperature difference is noticeable, it’s nothing a fan or extra sweater can’t handle.

Trick #4: Unplug Unused Electronics and Appliances

Even when an electronic device or appliance is off, it can still use electricity. This occurrence can go by the name of vampire draw, because the device slowly sucks power. If you have many appliances and devices, over the course of a year, this vampire draw can add up to more than a few dollars. So for items that you don’t use often, unplug the device instead of just turning it off.

To learn about more ways you can increase energy efficiency and money savings without troubleshooting, reach out to our team of HVAC experts at Jerry’s Air Conditioning and Heating.

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