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Why Is It That My Thermostat Reads 67 Degrees in the Summer, But I’m Still So Hot?

Homeowner and Thermostat

Need help troubleshooting your home’s internal temperature? If your thermostat is telling you it’s time for long johns, but you’re still sweating through a t-shirt, then you’ve got a problem.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help!

Why Your Thermostat Might Not Be Working Properly

Here are three of the most common reasons your thermostat might not be registering the proper temperature:

  1. You have a faulty sensor. In these instances, the sensor itself is malfunctioning, or requires a recalibration to bring it back to working order. If you’ve already tried recalibrating, you’ll likely need to opt for a replacement.
  2. Your thermostat is really old. Like those classic harvest gold appliances from the late 60’s, your thermostat might be a touch out of date. Over time, it loses its ability to properly read the temperature. Installing a new one will fix the problem, and has the added bonus of programmable energy-saving options.
  3. Your thermostat isn’t level. Older thermostats (yes, we’re looking at you, classic mercury models!) require the unit to be completely level in order to accurately measure your home’s temp. If it was poorly installed, or knocked out of place, you may need to readjust it on the wall.

The Problem Might Not Be Your Thermostat at All

If you’ve got your air conditioning temp ratcheted down too low, it’s possible your unit has frozen up and stopped blowing cool air. Make sure your unit is functioning properly before blaming your hapless thermostat.

Need A Little Help?

If you are trying to solve your HVAC problems and aren’t getting anywhere, it’s time to contact one of our AC troubleshooting experts at Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating.

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