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There's Barely Any Hot Air Blowing, What's Going On?


There is nothing worse than freezing your pants off while troubleshooting your heating system. Remember that it will take time for your heating system to warm up. There’s no cause for alarm if you don’t feel an instant blast of hot air. But if you are still not feeling any warm air after a short time, here are a few things to check before calling to report a problem with your heating unit.

The First Troubleshooting Steps

Double check your thermostat. Be sure the temperature setting is what you think it is. Sounds simple, but it could be as easy as an accidental bump of the knob that lowered the thermostat without your knowledge.

Check the batteries on your thermostat. The batteries do not have to be completely dead for your thermostat not to work properly. Low batteries could cause your thermostat to receive and respond to inaccurate information.

Troubleshooting the Duct System

Another reason for cold air coming through your vents could be a problem in the ducts. Over time, temperature changes will wear down the ductwork and cause leaks. Your furnace could be blowing hot air, but that air is mixing with colder air from uninsulated areas.

Dirt or debris can also cause partial blockage within the ductwork. The hot air may be unable to flow freely. If you are comfortable climbing around to look at your duct system, you may be able to spot the problem.

Get Help Troubleshooting a Heating System that Is Still Not Blowing Hot Air

If your heating system is still not producing hot air after troubleshooting all the common culprits, then it is time to call in the experts.

Don’t wait to call! If you have any questions troubleshooting your heating system, our team of experts is standing by to help. Contact us online or give us a call at 843.665.7470.

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