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There Isn’t Much Air Coming out of My HVAC Vents. What Can I Do?

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Your home’s heating and air conditioning system can get a boost with a little handy troubleshooting. Being able to identify what is causing a lack of air flow in your vents can save you money and hassle, not to mention discomfort. Typically, by utilizing these troubleshooting tips, you’ll be able to resolve the issue on your own. However, if you end up needing to contact a professional HVAC technician to repair the issue, you’ll have the right information to help them fix your problem as quickly as possible.

Finding the Source of Your HVAC System Air Flow Problem

It can be a real pain when things go wrong with your heating and cooling. And it never fails that it happens during the most inconvenient times. Fortunately, with air flow issues in heating and air conditioning units, you can usually handle this on your own.

Here are some expert troubleshooting tips to guide you:

• Check the damper in your vents. Is it closed? Open it and feel the air flow freely. Not the issue? Keep looking.

• If your flex duct hose is kinked or crushed, go into your attic to discover the problem. A smashed duct will prevent air from flowing properly.

• Could your air duct be disconnected? If you discover this is the issue, call the HVAC pros to locate the disconnected duct. They will seal it so that no air escapes, enabling the air to flow better through your vents.

• If your air ducts have leaks or holes, this is naturally going to cause air flow problems. You need to have duct sealing ASAP. If this is your situation, call the pros!

Getting the air flowing in your house will make you feel more comfortable. It will also ensure you aren’t wasting money with hot or cool air that is flowing through cracks or holes.

Contacting the Professionals for HVAC Problems

Now that you know why the air isn’t flowing properly through your HVAC system, you are set to contact the professionals for back-up. Experts in HVAC repair and maintenance will have the proper tools and experience to fix your problem fast.
Here at Jerry's Air Conditioning and Heating, we know a thing or three about HVAC repair.  Contact us today and schedule a visit! We'll give you the peace of mind you deserve! 

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