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The Ideal Thermostat Temperature for Fall Energy Efficiency

fall-thermostat-settings Want to improve your home’s energy efficiency this fall. Learn more about the ideal thermostat setting to cut energy and costs without sacrificing comfort. 

Several of the components making up your HVAC system impact energy efficiency. The thermostat you use to set and adjust the temperature in your home can make a big difference all by itself. When set to the right temperatures at the right times of day, you can cut energy costs without sacrificing comfort for you and your family. 

What Are the Ideal Temperature Settings for Fall? As temperatures outside begin to drop, it’s tempting to hold off on turning up the heat. No one wants to spend money when it’s unnecessary, and the temperature in South Carolina can stay relatively warm into November. 
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the ideal indoor temperature during fall is 72 degrees Fahrenheit. What does this mean? Keeping your thermostat at 72 degrees will provide you with the most comfort while using the least amount of energy. Of course, depending on your personal comfort, 72 degrees may seem too cold or too warm. While achieving cost savings is important, you also must consider what temperature is right for you and your family. 
Ideal Temperatures for Nights and Times When No One Is Home Many people crank the heat around bedtime to ensure they’re nice and cozy, but it can actually contribute to poor quality sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the best temperature for deep, satisfying slumber is between 60 and 67 degrees. Cooler temperatures are ideal late at night, but that doesn’t mean you have to shiver on your way to bed. 
What about when nobody’s home? According to the Consumer Energy Center, you save approximately 5 percent of your heating and cooling costs for every degree you lower the thermostat. However, there are limits. Pets and houseplants will suffer once your home temperature dips below 60 degrees F. You also have to consider the costs of reheating your home upon your return and the inconvenience too. 
If you are trying to find the right balance between comfort and energy efficiency in your home, get in touch with our experts at Jerry’s for advice.

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