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2 Surefire Ways to Keep Your Home Warm at Night


With the right comfort accessories, it’s much easier to stay warm at home.

Several methods and comfort accessories can help homeowners stay warm in their homes at night. Some of these methods are available for use at any time during the day, although they’re most effective at night when the sun goes down and it’s the coldest.

Cover the Windows

During the day, when the sun is out, it’s best to keep the windows uncovered so that as much light as possible can enter through the window. So drawing back any curtains, shades or shutters will allow heat and light to enter the home. But at night, there is no sunlight, so there's no reason to keep the windows uncovered.

Instead, pull the curtains, shades over the windows. This will provide a bit more insulation at night and keep in more of the indoor heat that's normally lost to the outside. As a bonus, covering up the windows will provide more privacy at night, when it's easy for someone outside to see inside because of the indoor lighting.

Use Hot Water Bottles

Hot water bottles aren't necessarily going to heat up the entire home any more effectively or efficiently as the HVAC system heater, but when used properly, they can make occupants feel much warmer.

One of the best ways to use hot water bottles is in bed and under the covers. Not only is the hot water bottle itself soothing because of its warmth, but as it cools, it releases its heat into the bed, sheets and blankets. So even when the hot water bottle gets cooler, it’s still heating the bed, resulting in more comfort while you sleep.

If you have any questions about comfort accessories that can make your home warmer at night, it’s time to contact our team of friendly experts at Jerry’s Air Conditioning and Heating to ask any questions you may have.

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