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DIY: Small Ways to Keep Your HVAC Unit at Its Peak Performance

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Looking for some troubleshooting steps you can try yourself before calling in for professional back-up? These tips should help.

If you have an issue with your HVAC system, you may want to begin troubleshooting the problem. In this day of DIY projects, many home and business owners like to give it a go before calling in the experts for help. Consider performing these simple tasks below first, but don’t hesitate to call the pros for service you can trust to keep your system at peak performance.

Tip #1: Clean or Replace the Air Filter

Having a clean air filter is essential for getting the most out of your HVAC system. The air filter’s job is to clean out contaminants from the indoor air. However, as the air filter collects more and more particles, it makes it harder for the air to flow through the filter. Over time, the air filter can actually serve as a plug or blockage in the ductwork. When this happens, the performance of the HVAC system will suffer. To avoid this drop in performance, replace or clean the HVAC’s air filter every few months.

Tip #2: Inspect Outdoor Components

In most HVAC systems, certain parts will be outside. One example is the condenser. These machines can handle a lot, but after a while, outside debris and the elements can cause damage to the condenser. This damage may not be serious but may still restrict some of the HVAC’s ability to do its job. Therefore, HVAC owners should inspect the condenser for damage or excess debris on a regular basis. If you notice a major problem with the unit itself, then it’s time to call in the pros. If the issue is just too much debris, turn the system off and then give it a good spray with the water hose to loosen dirt or leaves.

Tip #3: Maintain Indoor Airflow

The HVAC system works by moving warm or cool air through a building. It depends on the flow of air to be as free as possible. When this flow cannot take place, such as when a vent has something blocking it, the heater or air conditioner is unable to heat or cool as effectively. Therefore, unblocking vents can be a quick and easy way to improve the performance of an HVAC system.

Need more than basic troubleshooting to ensure your HVAC is running optimally. It’s time to get in touch with our expert team at Jerry’s Air Conditioning and Heating. Connect with us online now to get started.

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