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Service Clubs: Exactly What Your HVAC Unit Needs


Service clubs provide regular and much-needed maintenance for your HVAC system.

How do you run an effective HVAC system? Two ways: use energy services or sign up for a maintenance agreement with an HVAC company. Maintenance agreements, which sometimes go by the name of service clubs, are contracts that ensure your heater and air conditioner reach their fullest potential and provide you the performance you can expect from such a significant investment.

What Do You Get with a Service Club?

There are two primary benefits of joining a service club. First, you have automatic scheduling of your HVAC system's routine maintenance. There is no need for you to put a reminder in your calendar or call an HVAC contractor to schedule appointments.

Second, you have a highly trained HVAC professional inspecting the condition of your HVAC system. Even though everything seems to work correctly, there could be a problem with the system; only an expert will know for sure. Or there could be the potential for a future problem that might take your heater or air conditioner out of commission. During a service club visit, the technician will identify small issues before they become significant problems.

How Can a Service Club Save You Money?

There are several ways to save money. During the inspections, you learn about opportunities to fix problems early, when it’s much cheaper to do so. You also get discounts on repairs and can avoid paying overtime rates when your HVAC system needs a repair during weekends or at night.

How Does a Service Club Increase an HVAC’s Longevity?

During the maintenance visits, the technician will complete tasks that ensure a long life of your HVAC unit, such as checking wiring and lubricating bearings. These simple tasks don't seem like much now, but they can prevent major repairs in the future, like a seized motor or burned-out electronics.

If you want to sign up for a service club or learn more about energy services, get in touch with our team at Jerry’s Air Conditioning and Heating now.

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