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Three Rookie AC Mistakes That Are Increasing Your Electricity Bill

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Being away from home for extended periods of time means you need to take several steps concerning your heating and air conditioning system. This will prevent unnecessary energy waste and protect your home from damage. Here's a four-step checklist to guide you before you head out the door:

Step #1: Close All Windows

This seems like common sense, but it is amazing how often people forget to do this. Not only is this a safety risk that can result in unwanted critter and water infiltration, but it almost guarantees the air conditioner will operate much more frequently than it should, resulting in wasted electricity.

Step #2: Set the Thermostat to a High Temperature

The exact temperature will depend on your climate, the insulation of your home and the typical thermostat settings. However, setting your thermostat four to six degrees higher than your normal indoor setting is a good recommendation. This higher temperature will be too high for comfort, but since no one is home, it doesn't matter. Also, by keeping the HVAC unit on, it keeps the home from getting way too hot, which can lead to excessive humidity and possible damage to hardwood flooring. A bonus of having an air conditioner running is the illusion that someone is home.

Step 3: Check Your HVAC's Air Filter

With a really dirty or clogged air filter, your HVAC's air handler will have to work harder to move the same amount of air. This results in excessive electricity use and wastes money. So before leaving, check your air filter and replace or clean it if necessary.

Step 4: Check Outdoor Equipment

Outdoor HVAC components, such as an air conditioner's condenser unit, should not have any excessive dirt or debris covering its exterior. This can interfere with efficient operations and even cause significant damage to the HVAC unit. Before departure, quickly do a visual inspection of the outdoor equipment, clearing any debris as necessary.

It's usually a good idea to run heating and air conditioning equipment while you're on vacation. To learn more about what else you should do before leaving your home for an extended period of time, contact Jerry's Air Conditioning and Heating online.

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