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4 Possible Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Running Loudly

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When troubleshooting your home’s air conditioning system, it can be difficult to understand what’s normal versus what’s a cause for concern. Here are four common reasons your air conditioner may be running louder than normal:

1. Rattling or clanking. Oftentimes a rattling noise in your external air-conditioning unit is a result of debris falling into the vents. Leaves, sticks, or other items work their way inside and clank against the fan blades. Occasionally, the rattling is due to loose bolts or fasteners, or an aging air compressor. If you don’t see any obvious debris inside the vents, get an HVAC pro to give your unit a once over

2. Grinding. If your air-conditioner is making a grinding sound, it can sometimes be the result of a worn-out ball bearing inside your fan motor.

3. Hissing or high-pitched whistling. Occasionally, this is a problem with ductwork; not the air conditioner itself. But, more commonly, it’s a sign your unit has a refrigerant leak. Be sure and call your HVAC professional to have them determine which one it is.

4. Clicking or popping. When your air conditioner turns on and off, you can sometimes hear a clicking or popping noise. This is a typical sound and often has to do with your fan engaging and disengaging. However, it can also be the result of noisy ductwork. If it’s bothering you, have a professional diagnose the problem and suggest alternatives.

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