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Why Is There a Puddle of Water Next to my Furnace?

Water on the floor

Finding a puddle of water beside your furnace means it's time for some troubleshooting to discover what the problem really is and to determine how to fix it. While the issue may be something your HVAC professional will have to correct, the more knowledge you have about the problem the more easily you will be able to determine when a call to your HVAC provider is necessary.

Could the Puddle Be Coming from Condensation, or Is the Drain Blocked?

Sometimes, furnaces do create condensation. While it's not good that it's collecting on the floor, it doesn't necessarily indicate there is a problem with the operation of the unit itself. It is a risk for someone falling if they slip in the puddle, and you also want to be sure the water is not damaging surfaces.

A blocked furnace drain could be more serious, because any condensation that is collected is supposed to be drained away from the furnace and removed. If that drain is blocked and the water cannot leave properly, it can back up into the unit and leak out on the floor. That could become a serious problem.

The Secondary Heat Exchanger Could Be Faulty

A heat exchanger helps your furnace take in air, make it warm, and put it back out into the rooms where there are registers or vents. You want both your primary and secondary heat exchanger to work properly. If it doesn’t, you could find:

• Water on the floor from the change in air temperature.
• Inefficient heating for your home.
• A furnace that runs much longer and harder than normal to keep your home warm.

Is Your Furnace's Humidifier Working Optimally?

There should be enough humidity in your home to keep it comfortable, but there shouldn't be so much that things feel damp or unpleasant. With that in mind, your furnace's humidifier should be functioning well enough to keep the dampness out of the air and prevent water from pooling on surfaces. If it isn't, you can end up with the kind of water puddles you're seeing on the floor. It's best to call on your HVAC professionals to check out the problem and get it fixed.

For more information about troubleshooting common furnace problems, or to have your furnace assessed by a professional, contact our friendly team of experts at Jerry's Air Conditioning & Heating today.

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