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Practical Solutions to Improve Your Fall Indoor Air Quality

air-quality How can you use heating and air conditioning features to ensure your home’s indoor air quality is as healthy as possible? Here are the solutions you need. 

Did you know your home’s heating and air conditioning equipment has the power to greatly improve the indoor air quality? Many homeowners only consider the heating and cooling aspects, but the truth is your HVAC can clean up your air so you and your family members can breathe easier during the fall allergy and cold season. 
Here are some solutions you can use to get your system ready to face whatever allergens, contaminants and viruses may come it’s way this autumn: 

Upgrade Your Air Filter

It’s a small detail and something everyone can improve upon for just a few dollars a month. Opt for a higher-grade filter to clean more harmful particles from the air circulating through your home. Classified by Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) ratings, filters with higher MERV ratings remove more contaminants from the air. A MERV of 8 should be sufficient for most homes. 

Secure Your Cleaning Supplies

It’s hard to believe, but cleaning supplies are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to indoor air pollution. Fake fragrances alone contain harmful chemicals linked to serious health problems. Manufacturers include specific directions to make sure consumers use their products safely. Keep your home’s air clean by following safety protocols and storing chemicals securely. 

Take Extra Steps to Purify the Air

A number of houseplants stand out for their ability to clean toxins from the air. Spider plants, Gerbera daisies, Dragon trees. If turning your home into a nursery doesn’t sound too appealing, talk to your HVAC specialist about air cleaning devices that can filter contaminants from the air you breathe. One model to consider is the Performance air purifier, which has a MERV 13. 
Is your HVAC ready to go to work for you this fall to keep your home comfortable and your air clean? If not, schedule a service call for your heating and air conditioning equipment today with our friendly team at Jerry’s Air Conditioning and Heating.

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