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3 Noises that Could Be a Bad Sign with Your HVAC Unit

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Most of the time, your HVAC system works flawlessly, but if you hear some odd noises coming from it, it will take some troubleshooting to figure out what's wrong. As a general rule of thumb, if you hear an unfamiliar noise from your HVAC unit, there's something wrong with it. The only question is how bad the problem is. Let's take a look at some common noises and what they might mean for your heating and cooling system:

Noise #1: Banging or Clanking

As we've mentioned several times in earlier blogs, your HVAC system is a complicated piece of machinery with many moving parts. If you hear a banging or clanking sound, especially if it repeatedly occurs in quick succession, you probably have something wrong with a part that spins or turns. And since many of the moving parts in an HVAC unit spin or turn very quickly, should you hear a banging or clanking, you need to shut off your HVAC unit immediately and call an HVAC professional.

Noise #2: Clicking

A clicking sound is usually less noticeable than a banging or clanking sound. This is the noise of something turning on or off. Often this is an electronic component that just activated or deactivated. If it comes from your thermostat when it shuts the unit on or off, this is probably a normal sound.

But if you hear this sound for the first time, or much more frequently than usual, there's probably something wrong with your HVAC system. The problem might be in your air handler, air conditioner or thermostat.

Noise #3: A Screeching Sound

The continuous sound of screeching (or squealing) often means two parts are rubbing against each other when they shouldn't. This can occur if there's a bad motor bearing or if a belt is starting to degrade. When you hear a screech or squeal, it usually means your HVAC unit will continue to work, but it could break down at any moment and cause even more serious damage. Therefore, if you hear this sound, turn off your HVAC unit and contact an HVAC professional as soon as you can.

If you hear any unusual sounds from your HVAC system, you should contact Jerry's Air Conditioning and Heating as soon as possible. We can perform expert troubleshooting methods to get to the bottom of your HVAC mystery.

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