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Four Natural Ways to Heat Your Home


Here are a few alternative ways to stay warm that don’t involve using your heating and air conditioning system.

A properly running heating and air conditioning system will provide a comfortable atmosphere for the occupants of your home. However, try the following natural heating methods this winter; they can help you save some money on your heating bills.

1. Take Advantage of the Sun

The sun is really hot, and even though we're about 93 million miles away from it, Earth still receives a lot of heat energy. So why not take advantage of this energy to stay warm? Besides solar cells, you can make the most of the sun's energy in the winter by keeping curtains and shades open. By allowing the most sunlight possible to enter your home, you can maximize the sun's heat energy during the day.

2. Bake

The cold season is the perfect time to try out those recipes requiring the oven. Not only will the heat coming from the oven help heat the kitchen during a baking session, once the oven is no longer needed, you can keep the oven door open and allow the extra heat to further spread into the home

3. Use Hot Water Bottles

Whether you’re curled up on the couch or cozy in bed, you can fill up a hot water bottle to stay warm. It’s amazing how long a hot water bottle can keep you warm, even throughout the night. If you want extra-long heat times, put the hottest water possible in the hot water bottle, and then wrap it in a towel or pillowcase. This insulation will keep the hot water bottle from scalding your skin and will maintain the heat longer.

4. Use Thick Curtains

During the day when there's sunlight, you want to keep the curtains back. But at night, when there's no more of the sun's energy to gather through a window, having thick curtains to close over the windows can really help keep heat in the home.

For additional ways to stay warm without using your heating and air conditioning system, contact our team at Jerry’s Air Conditioning and Heating before the cold gets here.

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