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Is There an Issue If My Heating System Is Always Running?

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Your heating and air conditioning system is one of the most important parts of your home. It keeps you in year-round comfort, ensuring you stay cool when it is sweltering and toasty when it’s frigid.

So when your furnace seems like it’s been running too long, it’s good to pay attention and perform some basic troubleshooting procedures to try and identify your problem.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help pinpoint the underlying issue, and determine whether or not your system needs professional help.

1. Lower the thermostat.

If the system continues to run, try shutting it down. Sometimes when your thermostat is set to a high temp, your system keeps running in a (futile) effort to bring your house up to temperature.

2. Check the blower.

If you’ve shut down the HVAC, but the blower’s still going, you might have an issue with the connection between the thermostat and your heating unit. This one requires professional repair, so call an HVAC specialist immediately.

3. Are your other appliances working?

If they aren’t, this is indicative of an interruption in the fuel supply. The blower fan continues to run because there’s no fuel reaching the system and being converted into heat.

4. Check the air filter.

If it’s clogged with dust and dirt, it’s best to replace it right away. Dirty filters cause furnaces to run continuously because the heated air never makes it through the filter or out into the house.

Still Need Help with Your Furnace or Heater?

The experts here at Jerry’s are standing by to help. Just contact us, and we’ll dispatch one of our heating and air conditioning professionals right away.

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