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Is a Heat Pump Better Than a Furnace?

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When it comes to home comfort, heating and air conditioning pros are often asked which is better: the heat pump or the furnace? And while there IS a right answer, there isn’t necessarily a universal one. Put another way? It depends on your situation.

Heat Pumps: A Quick Overview

Heat pumps have the ability to work as air conditioners in reverse, moving heat from one spot to another. In the summer, they move the heat outside. In the winter, they move inside. See how it works?

While heat pumps offer year-round efficiency, and also provide a cooling option, they are typically more expensive to purchase and install than a traditional furnace. And while the cost can be offset by energy savings over time, you may require a backup heat source for extremely cold nights.

Furnaces: How They Stack Up

Furnaces create heat by burning a combustible fuel source: gas, electricity, and even oil. While older furnaces are notoriously inefficient, newer models have efficiency ratings in the high 90’s. That means over 90% of the energy they consume is directly converted into usable heat.

While furnaces are the cheaper the option to purchase and install, it’s also worth pointing out they don’t come with any cooling options. You’ll need to purchase and install air conditioning separately.

The Bottom Line on your Heating System

Your budget and needs will ultimately dictate which option is right for you. But you don’t have to make the choice all on your own.

Contact the heating and air conditioning experts here at Jerry’s, and one of our certified professionals will walk you through the process.

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