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3 Indoor Air Quality Tips from the Experts


Business owners can use commercial services or other methods to improve the indoor air quality of their buildings.

Indoor air quality is very important, but before getting commercial services to work on your HVAC system, try the following tips to make your indoor air cleaner and your employees and customers happier.

1. Grow Indoor Plants

Several species of indoor plants can clean indoor air. Plants such as the spider plant, the Chinese evergreen and the bamboo palm, are great at removing chemicals from the air. Then there's the bonus of having a pretty piece of greenery inside the office, which can be good for morale.

2. Run Extra Air Purifiers

By now you know that having a clean HVAC air filter is important for clean indoor air. But to have even cleaner indoor air, you can run standalone air purifiers that will suck in dirty indoor air and use a filter to remove as many particles as possible. There are literally hundreds of air purifiers to choose from and most are fairly effective. However, try to stay away from those that use ozone.

3. Take Advantage of Windows

Windows can be your friend or enemy when it comes to indoor air quality. In some situations, opening a window will improve the indoor air quality, especially if there is remodeling taking place and certain items, such as paint and glue, produce chemicals that float within the confines of the office.

But in other situations, such as peak pollen season, opening the windows is a very bad idea as it can allow outdoor allergens to make their way inside and cause havoc for allergy suffers.

If there are problems with your office’s indoor air quality, then commercial services might be in your future. To learn more about what would help the most, contact our team of HVAC commercial services experts at Jerry’s Air Conditioning and Heating today.

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