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HVAC Troubleshooting Tips: A Holiday Guide for Homeowners


What are your go-to troubleshooting tips when planning for holiday guests?

Troubleshooting can save you and your holiday guests from freezing when temperatures drop. It can also help a technician rule out certain problems. Either way, your repairs get completed in record time! Speed up repairs and keep your expenses low with these handy tips:

Check the Power

When you have a house full of guests and your furnace won’t turn on, your first instinct might be picking up the phone. You don’t want to let your guests down. We understand, and we know this is the reason so many homeowners schedule emergency service calls before they check some of the basics. We more than welcome your calls and are ready to help you 24-7, but for the sake of your checkbook, the first thing to check is the power to your thermostat and then the power to your HVAC system.

Check Your Filter and Your Intake Vents

Generally speaking, homeowners should change HVAC filters every three months. When clogged, they prevent the airflow needed for your heating and cooling to work. When your system isn’t turning on or isn’t blowing hot air, a dirty filter could be the culprit. You might also have a blocked intake vent. These pipes allow outside air to enter your indoor unit and have screens designed to filter out debris. Check these access points to make sure leaves don’t block them before you schedule emergency repairs.

Check Your Reset Instructions

Heating equipment has safety features in place to prevent serious accidents. These fail-safes can get triggered by accident, preventing your system from running as normal. When this happens, your unit needs to be reset. The procedure varies by brand, so be sure to check the inside of the access panel door for instructions.

One word of caution: if after resetting your system, it turns off again, keep it off and call a repair shop. You could be dealing with a dangerous problem.

When troubleshooting doesn’t solve your problems, give our team at Jerry’s Heating & Air Conditioning a call to schedule quick and professional emergency repairs.

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