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How Will Joining the Residential Service Club Help My Home This Summer?

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Residential Service Club is the professional maintenance agreement provided by Jerry’s Air Conditioning and Heating. As a homeowner, caring for your heating and cooling system is a large part of maintaining your home, and our service club makes it more affordable and hassle free.

Discover the benefits the right HVAC maintenance agreement can offer your home:

Keep Your Home Cool

Members of our Residential Service club can trust our qualified technicians to keep their units running efficiently during the hot summer months. Replacing filters, cleaning the unit, and providing a general tune-up are all tasks performed during each scheduled maintenance visit to your home. Keeping your unit running well means keeping your home comfortable.

Keep Your Air Clean

Replacement filters and clean coils are a must if you want to improve the indoor air quality of your home. The team at Jerry’s Air Conditioning and Heating makes clean air a priority for our valued customers. Through our maintenance agreement we will work with you to ensure you have healthy indoor air quality in your home year-round.

Keep Your Home Free from Excess Moisture

Excess humidity in your home is dangerous for your health and for your home. When excess moisture is present in your home, mold and mildew can easily grow. Our technicians can test the humidity levels in your home and make suggestions to decrease high moisture levels.

Keep Your Costs Low

Regular maintenance of your unit is necessary to keep your energy costs low during the summer months. When your HVAC unit is in top working condition, you spend less on the monthly cost of cooling your home.

At Jerry’s Air Conditioning and Cooling, we take special care of our Residential Service Club Members.

To find out more about signing up for this money-saving maintenance agreement, click this link or call 846.655.7470 to reach one of our experienced HVAC technicians.

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