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The One Key Way to Protect Your Outdoor HVAC Unit in the Spring

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When it comes to safety and prevention, you may not be aware you need to take special care of your HVAC unit this spring. It is easy to forget; spring is in bloom after all!

However, all of those beautiful things about spring—green grass, blossoming flowers, unfolding foliage—are precisely what you need to watch out for.

Spring Cleaning Should Apply to Your HVAC System, Too

Take a look at your outdoor unit; is it able to breathe? Or is it covered in a layer of dust, pollen, broken twigs, and grass clipping? If it’s buried beneath yard debris, it may not be able to function efficiently.

Here are some typical spring problems likely to impact your system’s performance:

  • Dirt and pollen clinging to exterior coils
  • Grass clipping coating the coils or blown inside the unit
  • Overgrown shrubbery blocking air inputs
  • Errant and broken branches leaning against the sides or covering the top
  • Compromised or frayed electrical connection

Most of the items above can be gently cleaned and removed with a little bit of effort, but it’s best to leave intensive coil cleaning and electrical fixes to the professionals. Whatever you do, be sure you turn off power to the unit before attempting any DIY debris removal.

Need A More Thorough Cleaning and Inspection?

Contact the team here at Jerry’s right away. We’re happy to come out and inspect your air conditioner, identifying any problems you may have, and tuning it for peak performance during spring and summer. Now is the time to schedule your safety and prevention assessment!

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