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How should I be maintaining our new commercial HVAC system?

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The #1 goal of Jerry's Air Conditioning & Heating team is to make sure your new HVAC system works so well it never even crosses your mind. What can you do to make sure your system always performs at maximum potential?

Create a Maintenance Plan For Optimum Performance

  1. Program thermostats for your environment and our South Carolina climate. Turning your system off when buildings are vacant isn’t the best way to save money, in fact, it can increase operating costs. Ask a Jerry’s technician to explain the best settings for your occupancy and building floor plan.
  2. Schedule cleaning and filter replacement. Dirty filters and internal moving parts strain your system and reduce energy efficiency. The cost of routine care and cleaning is generally less than paying higher utility bills and repairing a poorly maintained system.
  3. Evaluate air quality. Indoor air quality doesn’t only impact health for the people using your buildings, it also affects HVAC system performance. Air filtration systems remove mold, mildew and other airborne allergens/debris that compromise the health of your people and your climate control equipment. Repairing or replacing damaged or dirty ductwork improves air quality and eliminates dust and debris that may clog your new system.
  4. Watch for clues your system is in trouble. Four out of every ten dollars spent on energy for your building is consumed by heating and air conditioning systems. If utility bills are slowly creeping up, or you notice a sudden spike not associated with seasonal changes, contact a service technician to schedule an inspection.

Other worrisome signs include:

  • New noises coming from your system components
  • Continuously running or frequently cycling on and off
  • Failure to maintain consistent temperatures

Protect Your Investment With a Customized Service Plan

You’ve invested in a new commercial HVAC system to take control of your indoor climate and your budget. Don’t wait for problems to develop. The best way to maintain your system is to design a care program that reveals potential problems before they develop into full-blown headaches.

Give Jerry’s a call to schedule an inspection today. We’ll answer all your questions and help you design a customized service plan to keep your system in peak condition so you can focus on day-to-day business operations.

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