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How Do Maintenance Agreements Affect My Home's Energy Efficiency?


Maintenance agreements save energy and offer budget benefits. Explore what they can do for your home’s climate control and energy bills.

Smart homeowners install a new HVAC system and immediately enroll in maintenance agreements. A solid maintenance agreement will keep your heating and cooling equipment in tip-top shape. Preventive maintenance combats problems before they begin and ensures you’re always operating at maximum efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Why Your HVAC Needs Regular Service

Few systems in your home work harder than your HVAC unit. This is especially true during the summer months when it strives to keep hot, humid air at bay. Traditional systems create and distribute cold and hot air throughout your home. Modern additions paved the way for extra features, like air quality and humidity control. Simply put, you are looking at complex equipment with lots of components that need to work together to be effective. Regular service with a maintenance agreement helps ensure its effectiveness.

How the Service Club Prevents Damage and Improves Efficiency

Dust and debris enter your unit over time. The air filter captures some of it. Some of it gets through the burners and moving components. Wear-and-tear, all by itself, can create resistance. All these things force your system to use more energy to work correctly. During a preventive visit, technicians change filters, and tighten, oil, and clean various components. These tasks lower resistance. The end result? Your HVAC equipment keeps your home comfortable while using less energy.

Maintenance plans also make it easier and more affordable to make upgrades and repairs. Adding humidity control to your HVAC system, for instance, allows you to keep your home comfortable while keeping the temperature lower in winter and higher in summer.

Call our team at Jerry’s Heating & Air Conditioning to discover all the benefits you get by enrolling in our maintenance agreements.

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