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How Can I Sort Through All the Filters Out There, to Find the Right One for My Home's HVAC System?

Air Filter

There are many different air filter options for your heating and air conditioning system and it can be overwhelming trying to pick the one that is best for your unit. A good air filter is important to your health because it plays a big role in the indoor air quality of your home by filtering allergens and other particles out of your air. In addition to this, the efficiency of your unit relies heavily on the quality of your air filter.

Choosing the Right Filter

Because of this we suggest you change your air filter every two or three months. There are three main types of air filters. The least expensive, usually costing about $1 each is a fiberglass air filter. These filters mainly serve the purpose of protecting your HVAC system. Because they are incredibly thin and low quality, they don’t serve much of a function in cleaning pollutants from the air in your home.

Secondly, pleated air filters are a little more expensive than fiberglass air filters. Because of their pleated design, which forces air through more layers of filters, they are able to filter up to 45% of the pollutants from the air.

Lastly, high-efficiency air filters are the air filters we recommend. These filters are the best option for your home because they can filter up to 85% of the allergens and particles from the air.

Moving Forward with Confidence

The team at Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating wants to work alongside you to improve the efficiency of your unit and the quality of the air in your home. A thorough inspection of your unit is a place to start in making sure your unit is running well. Contact an experienced technician by calling 843.655.7470 or click here to schedule your first heating and air conditioning visit.

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