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The Real Reason Your House Feels Stuffy in the Summer

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By taking the necessary steps and using the right comfort accessories, you can address the reasons your home doesn’t feel as cool or as comfortable as it should when the air conditioner is running. The following is a list of reasons to explain why your house may feel extra stuffy during the summer season.

The Indoor Humidity Is Too High

This is probably the single biggest reason your home will feel stuffy in the summertime. As all Southerners already know, it's the humidity, rather than the heat, that makes the summer climate especially unbearable.

Ideally, indoor humidity will be between 35% and 45%. Anything higher will make things feel sticky and muggy inside. Anything lower might make it feel cool inside, but also brings problems like dry skin and extra static when you walk over the carpet.

If the humidity is too high, you'll want to get a comfort accessory, such as a dehumidifier. Most air conditioners will dehumidify your air, but sometimes that's not enough. A standalone room dehumidifier may be necessary.

Not Enough Airflow

Without enough air flow, humid or stale air can't circulate out of the indoor living areas. This also means your home dehumidifier won't work as well. Since it's not receiving air from the entire house, it can't remove the moisture from it.

Not having enough air flow can be the result of several things, such as blocked heating and cooling vents, leaky ductwork or an HVAC air handler that's not working properly.

Air Leaks

During the summer, the outdoor air is pretty humid. If there's an air leak anywhere around a window, a door or even in the attic - it can allow humid air to enter your home. This will make it feel stuffy, even if your HVAC system is otherwise working properly.

If you're suffering from an uncomfortable home this summer, you may want to check out some comfort accessories, such as a dehumidifier. If you’d like more information about dehumidifiers, please contact Jerry's Air Conditioning and Heating online.

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