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3 Ways to Get Your HVAC Ready for Summer


How can you get your heating and cooling products ready for a hot, sultry summer?

HVAC products work well when we take care of them. Property owners know this and still sometimes ignore basic heating and cooling system maintenance. It's an excellent way to overstress your system and lead to a summer breakdown. Warm your AC up to the hottest months of the year to keep costs down and prevent a need for repairs.

Here are three ways to get your equipment ready for the summer rush:

1. Schedule an HVAC inspection.

Inspections get your equipment ready for hard work. A technician will test major components for problems and do basic cleaning to keep your AC running at its best. After the inspection, your technician will recommend necessary repairs and energy-saving improvements.

2. Upgrade your thermostat usage.

Today’s thermostats integrate rocket science into the basic features of your home. There are models you can control from anywhere with a mobile device. Others can predict usage based on your recorded habits, track weather and even detect when people enter or leave your home.

Most people won’t need a new thermostat to get ready for summer. They’ll just need a refresher course on how to use their thermostat’s existing features. For instance, fewer than 10 percent of homeowners program their cooling cycles. Running the AC while you’re at work wastes money. Learning to schedule helps you create a more comfortable environment while keeping bills low.

3. Add a dehumidifier to your HVAC setup.

South Carolina summers are hot and sticky. Humidity is a beast, and the excess moisture in the air prevents people from sweating normally. This leads to temperatures that feel higher than they really are. You can combat this inside your home with the use of a dehumidifier. Reducing the amount of moisture in the air is a fast, easy and affordable way to boost your AC without putting any stress on your HVAC system.

Which HVAC products will help get your home prepared for the summer heat? Call 843.665.7470 and ask a Jerry’s technician today.

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