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What are the Differences Between a Gas Furnace and a Heat Pump?

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When it comes to comfort accessories for your home, it is important to understand the differences between a gas furnace and a heat pump. A gas furnace is a heating unit that uses gas as a fuel for combustion. The hot air created by the combustion is then vented through the ducts and into your home. A heat pump runs on electricity and uses the outside heat from the air or the ground to adjust the inside temperature.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Gas Furnace as a Comfort Accessory?

Gas furnaces are excellent options for your home if you need an immediate source of heat. A gas furnace will begin heating the moment you turn it on and will heat up to higher temperatures.

While gas typically costs less than electricity, remember that you are paying to fuel your furnace. A well-maintained gas furnace will burn fuel more efficiently, so be sure to ask about warranties and service plans to keep your furnace functioning properly.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Heat Pump as a Comfort Accessory?

Heat pumps do not have a source of heat. Instead, they transfer warmer air from outside to inside. This type of heating unit is ideal for warmer climates with milder winters that do not require instantaneous heat.

Heat pumps are well-known for being extremely efficient and cost effective. The biggest plus is that you are not paying for fuel. The heat pump uses electricity to run, but it is not using it to create heat. Instead, it is redistributing the heat already present in the outside air.

Deciding What Type of Heating Comfort Accessory Is Right for You

When it comes to heating your home or workplace, consider your local climate and what your primary heating needs will be. Talking with a local comfort accessory expert is key to making sure your heating system will meet all your needs.

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