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Four Pros and Cons of Using a Humidifier This Winter

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Humidifiers are wonderful comfort accessories, but their use has its advantages and disadvantages.

During the cold season, one of the more popular comfort accessories is the humidifier. A humidifier is a device that adds moisture to the air. This extra moisture in the air has its pros and cons.

Pro: Better Health

If the indoor air is too dry, such as is common during the winter season, your health could suffer. From itchy, dry skin to nosebleeds to a sore throat, all these ailments can relate to not having enough moisture in the air.

Pro: Less Static Shock

When you sit up on the couch or walk across the carpet in socks, you are probably well aware of the scientific phenomenon known as static electricity. And those spontaneous shocks can be quite unpleasant when you touch another person or a metal object. With more humid air, there is less chance of these uncomfortable experiences, and if they do occur, the shock will usually be less severe. Another added benefit is possibly saving your sensitive electronics, such as computer and USB thumb drives, both of which can sustain damage from a static shock discharge.

Con: White Powdery Residue

Unless you use distilled water in the machine, constantly using a humidifier can result in a fine white residue that builds up on or around your humidifier. This white residue is the dissolved solids in the water that’s left behind when it evaporates.

Con: Promoting Mold and Bacterial Growth

Humans aren't the only living things that can benefit from less dry air. Mold, mildew, bacteria and other unpleasant and harmful organisms will also usually benefit from more moisture in the air. You can reduce these things if you carefully manage how often you use the humidifier, but you can't eliminate them.

To find out more about whether a humidifier is one of the many comfort accessories you should use this winter, contact our team at Jerry’s Air Conditioning and Heating today.

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