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Is a Rooftop HVAC System Right for My Business?

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In our commercial services line of business, our customers sometimes ask us for advice regarding the type of HVAC system to install in their retail or commercial building. While there is no one right answer, we have to say that rooftop units are definitely worth considering.

We’ve put together a short primer on this style, as well as certain considerations which might make it the best choice for you and your business.

What Is a Rooftop HVAC Unit?

Well, it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Your HVAC expert will install your system on the roof of the building, as opposed to somewhere in the commercial space, or in a basement. Given the space provided by most rooftops, all the necessary heating and cooling components can be housed in a single location.

What Are the Benefits of a Rooftop HVAC System?

With all your components housed in one place, accessibility is probably the greatest feature. When your system is in need of maintenance or repair, you can grant technicians direct access to the space without ever having them encounter your building’s occupants.

The second reason has to do with the return on investment of available building square footage. Why take up valuable retail or office space to house a bulky HVAC system when it can be easily accommodated in an otherwise unusable location? You’re able to maximize every square foot inside the building while ensuring you have the dedicated space required to house a top of the line commercial heating and cooling system.

How Will I Know If a Rooftop Unit Will Work in My Building?

Get in touch with Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating and we’ll be happy to have a member of our commercial services team do a thorough assessment of your HVAC options.

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