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3 Ways Fall Maintenance Now Will Help You Prepare for Winter

fall-maintenance Is your HVAC winter-ready? Here are three ways your maintenance agreement makes that happen. 

Maintenance agreements keep you on top of the routine care your HVAC system needs to function optimally. The right plan bundles preventive services together and provides members with convenience, perks and additional savings on services. Enrolling helps automate the process, so you never put off tasks your equipment relies on to run reliably all year-round. 
As cold weather season approaches, it’s important to have a professional assess your HVAC system to ensure it will do its job when you need it most. Here are three benefits you will experience in your home by scheduling fall maintenance now: 

1. Improve Energy Efficiency

The tasks that go into preventive maintenance work to reduce stress on your heating equipment. Here are some of the services you can expect during your fall maintenance visit: 
  • Tune-ups for the moving pieces of your furnace.  
  • Burner check-ups to identify any buildup and ensure adequate gas flow. 
  • Cleaning for the blower, the pilot and the flame sensor. 
  • Check-ups for the belt drives and ductwork; removing the dirt and grime of the past season allows your heating equipment to run with as little resistance - and as little energy - as possible. 
With these tune-ups and check-ups, you can help your HVAC to run its best, keeping your family comfortable while helping you to cut back on energy costs and unnecessary repairs. 

2. Prepare for Trouble

In addition to cleaning your heating unit, your technician will keep an eye out for potential problems that may be brewing during your fall maintenance visit. Whether it’s loose wiring and worn components or a sluggish system, catching these issues now will help you to avoid major issues on the coldest night, when not having a working furnace could be a huge inconvenience. 

3. Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Your HVAC system can impact your indoor air quality in a number of ways. When you neglect the system, you risk filling the air with contaminants and pollution. When you give the system the attention it needs, it will do its job to keep your indoor air clean. During your fall maintenance agreement visit, ask your technician about how a filter upgrade can make you air even cleaner and free of bacteria and viruses this winter. 

Don’t neglect your HVAC this fall. Take the steps to get it winter-ready by contacting our team at Jerry’s Air Conditioning and Heating now. You’ll be impressed by the convenience and cost savings you can experience through the right maintenance agreement.

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