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Does a Loud Air Conditioner Indicate Inefficiencies?

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The hottest days of summer are approaching, and energy efficiency is likely at the forefront of your mind. If your air conditioner is running loudly, you may be wondering if this is an indication of energy inefficiencies. Did you know that heating and cooling is the largest energy expense for most households? Because of this, the team at Jerry’s HVAC wants to help you make sure your air conditioner is running as efficiently as possible.

Why is My Air Conditioner Running Loudly?

There are many reasons your air conditioner could be running loudly including:

  • The fan of the air conditioner is running loud because it is loose or dirty.
  • Humming or grinding could mean that the motor needs to be lubricated.
  • Dirty coil fins could be causing your unit to be noisy and making it difficult to keep your home or business cool.
  • A noisy air conditioner could be blamed on something as simple as a screw loosening due to the vibration of the unit.

Is My Loud Air Conditioner Costing Me Money?

We understand your concern! The truth is, an air conditioner that is running optimally is going to be the most energy efficient and an efficient unit will keep your heating and cooling expenses low. Even small issues, such as a dirty fan or a motor that needs lubrication can keep your unit from functioning at its very best.

What Can I Do about My Loud Air Conditioner?

At Jerry’s Air Conditioning & Heating our certified professional technicians want to work with you to make sure your unit is running as efficient and cost effectively as possible.

If your air conditioner is running loudly, click this link or call 846.655.7470 to get more information about HVAC energy efficiency from our trained and experienced technicians.

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