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Do My HVAC System's Components Have to Match to Receive the Best Efficiency?

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Selecting the best heating and air conditioning components for your system can be downright confusing. You'll have to think about fuel sources, installation costs, efficiency ratings, and many other criteria when making your choice. But does brand have to be one of them?

Impacts of Using a Mismatched System

Using different brands of units – also known as a mismatched system – usually isn’t much of a problem as long as the individual components (coils, blower, wiring, etc.) are both compatible and appropriately sized.

However, you may see a small impact on the overall system performance and efficiency. Over time, this has the potential to shorten the overall lifespan of the system, although it's impossible to predict by how much.

Benefits of Matching Units

Your whole system is like a single, living organism. It shares the same “organs” like ducts and connections. Similar to the way you must be a match for an organ transplant, any new system components must work well with what you have in place. Even if it’s only slightly off, your system could “reject” the new piece; but if the match is identical (the same brand), the better off you’ll be in the long run.

Consider Full Replacement

Before you start shaking your head, hear me out on this. Many of your system components (air handlers, evaporator, outdoor unit and so on) will all be the same age, and have a similar expected lifespan. If you replace one, you’ll likely soon need to replace the other.

While it’s not always necessary, installing two new systems simultaneously can decrease the time, headache, and total cost. Yes, it’s more out of pocket up front; but you may be able to get a discount for purchasing more than one unit, and you’ll cut down on the appointment time and service costs of installation by doing it all once.

Want to Learn More about the Impacts of Mismatched HVAC Systems?

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