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Do Commercial HVAC Systems Need Less Maintenance Than Residential Ones?

HVAC Maintenance

As the person in charge of maintaining your business’s heating & air conditioning system, you may be wondering how often you need to take advantage of commercial services from your HVAC company. Heating & air conditioning experts typically recommend a minimum of a yearly inspection and tune up for your at-home HVAC unit.

At Jerry’s, we recommend twice a year through our preventative maintenance service club. Similarly, it is important that your commercial HVAC system is receiving just as much attention as your unit at home to keep it functioning properly.

Why Should I Pay for Preventative Maintenance?

Your business’s HVAC system is manufactured to last and to efficiently heat and cool a large space around the clock. Still, even the best units need regular, preventative maintenance if they are going to keep doing their job well.

Regular maintenance of your commercial HVAC system will increase the efficiency of your AC, which saves you money on the operating costs of your system. Additionally, regular maintenance catches and repairs small problems before they lead to bigger, more costly repairs in the future and ultimately lengthens the life of your unit.

What Preventative Maintenance Should Commercial Services Provide?

Your commercial services provider should offer a comprehensive maintenance plan focused on keeping your commercial HVAC in top working order. The services provided should include:

  • a thorough inspection of the entire system
  • changing air filters
  • checking airflow and addressing any condenser unit obstructions
  • cleaning coils if necessary
  • check for rust and corrosion
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency maintenance

The certified technicians at Jerry's Air Conditioning & Heating are experienced in providing quality and reliable commercial services for local businesses. Contact us by calling 843.655.7470 or click here to schedule an initial visit with one of our commercial services technicians.

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