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5 Differences between Residential and Commercial HVAC Systems

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Commercial services are critical to maintaining the safe, efficient and effective operation of commercial HVAC systems. But what exactly makes commercial systems so different that they require special services? Here are five major differences:

More Power

Commercial systems are usually necessary to heat or cool a larger volume of interior space. From offices to shopping centers to restaurants, more power is critical to providing the heating and cooling needs of both the workers and customers.


To stay out of the way of customers or clients, as well as to avoid taking up precious commercial space, many major HVAC components will sit on top of the commercial building, rather than on the ground like a residential unit. Another reason for locating the commercial HVAC unit on the roof is to make it more difficult for vandalism to occur.

Condensate Plumbing

Commercial HVAC systems have much more elaborate condensate drainage plumbing arrangements than a residential system, which often consists of a simple condensate drain and a single pipe. Sometimes the elaborate condensate piping will run through numerous interior areas of the business.


Unlike residential HVAC units, which are often single pieces of machinery, many commercial HVAC units are modular. This means only certain portions of the HVAC system need replacing at any one time. A modular system makes things easier for repairs and upgrades in the future.

More Even Cooling and Heating

Many commercial HVAC systems receive the order to activate or deactivate through thermostats located in several zones within the office or business complex. For example, each floor or department will have its own thermostat to allow for more even cooling and heating, as well as customizable indoor air temperatures to meet the needs of people working in specific areas of the business.

If you think you may need commercial services to help with your HVAC needs, get in touch with our professional technicians at Jerry’s Air Conditioning and Heating online.

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