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What the End of Daylight Savings Time Means for Your Energy Efficiency

daylight-savingsWhich energy services should you schedule as the seasons change?

Inspections for heating and cooling equipment are among the most effective energy services available. It makes sense to schedule them around changes in Daylight Savings Time, as those changes also signal changing seasons. Combine regular inspections with preventive maintenance, and you will always be operating at top efficiency.

Why Inspect Your HVAC System?

Running your heating and cooling equipment without an inspection puts you at risk. Not only could there be a breakdown just waiting to happen, but you could waste a lot of energy. Avoid unnecessary bills and waste with a seasonal service call.

What Happens During an HVAC Inspection and Preventive Service Check?

During an inspection, a trained technician using the appropriate tools will assess the health of your HVAC unit. A professional inspection ensures every component of your system is functioning correctly and reliably. Technicians can fix problems before they cause breakdowns or additional damage. It also solves problems which lead to wasted energy.

Preventive maintenance kicks in by making sure your system keeps running well. The technician performs essential duties near Daylight Savings Time changes in fall, such as: 

  •  Cleaning the HVAC heat exchange 
  • Changing the filter 
  • Calibrating the thermostat

The visit focuses on the cooling system in spring, including the following:

  • Checking and adding refrigerant 
  • Cleaning the compressor and condenser coils 
  • Balancing the fan blades 

These services make sure the HVAC systems perform as expected throughout the year.

At Jerry’s Heating & Air Conditioning, our clients can choose between a residential and commercial service club, designed to make these visits simpler and more affordable. As an additional bonus, they improve your system’s efficiency so you’re using less energy all year as well.

Call our team today to schedule an HVAC inspection or other energy services you need to stay comfortable and keep your bills low.

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