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3 Easy Ways to Cut Down Your Business's Energy Costs

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When it comes to cutting your building’s energy costs, you may want to consult an expert commercial services team. In fact, many of the items discussed below can be accomplished with minimal additional investment; a boon for any building management company or operational executive.

Three Areas Where You May Realize Significant Energy Savings

When it comes to managing energy costs, most of the savings are found in effectively optimizing and utilizing your HVAC system. Here are the three most common ways you can realize significant savings:

1. Effectively managing outside air.

Your local climate may account for a large chunk of your heating and cooling costs. If you need to heat, cool, or dehumidify outdoor air before bringing it inside, it’s important to understand two key things: whether you can recirculate the air for use, and what the minimum air flow requirements are for your building. Recirculating air allows you to use air that’s already temperate. And in cases where recirculation isn’t an option, you can reduce air flow to the minimum requirement, meaning you pull in (and heat/cool) less outdoor air.

2. Optimizing your existing system.

There are steps you can take to make sure current system is running at its peak. Routine maintenance and service keep little problems from driving up energy bills. But did you know you can also install economizers? These are "smart" sensors used to create a temperate climate in the most efficient manner possible. They can sense when people are in the building and adjust temperatures accordingly after folks have gone home for the evening.

3. Not heating and cooling the same space simultaneously.

This is a no-brainer, but try to ensure your building is at a consistent temperature whenever possible. If you do have mixed purpose areas requiring different temperatures, think about ways to use the heat you're pulling out of the cooled air to heat your other space. It takes the idea of recirculation and air management to the next level, using the "discards" from one area to heat or cool another. 

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