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Two Common Winter Problems for Commercial HVACs


Several common problems require the use of commercial services during the winter season.

Cold weather doesn’t play nice with mechanical equipment, so it’s not surprising when a business owner requires commercial services to keep a heater working properly. The following are two common problems with commercial HVAC units that often occur during the winter months:

1. Icing

It's normal for commercial heat pumps to have a light coating of ice or frost on the outside unit. And when too much ice builds up, the heat pump has a unique system in place to get rid of it. But sometimes things go wrong, and the ice continues to build up until it becomes thick. This can prevent the proper and efficient operation of the heat pump. If this happens to your commercial HVAC system, please call for commercial services to help.

2. The Heater Never Turns Off

Before the commercial HVAC system installation in a commercial location, the HVAC installer will make calculations to find the right size unit. If there is a miscalculation (which is fairly rare), this can mean the heater either short cycles or runs constantly. Short cycling refers to an HVAC unit that turns on and off for very short periods of time, like a car that keeps on lurching forward from a full stop every few seconds. When this occurs, it could be a sign that your heater is too big or powerful for your commercial property.

When the heater runs constantly, it can cause premature wear. But more importantly, it can result in much higher than normal energy bills. Luckily, a heater that's on all the time is easy to identify as a clear sign that something is wrong. If this is happening to you, you could have something as simple as an open window. Assuming it's not such an easy fix, consider contacting your local HVAC professional.

If you need the assistance of commercial services this winter, your first thought should be to call our team at Jerry’s Air Conditioning and Heating.

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