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Can Leaky Air Ducts Create a Dangerous Environment in My House?

air ducts near residential furnace

When it comes to environmental safety and prevention, the structural integrity of your air ducts plays a big role. Big holes and loose joints not only affect your system’s energy efficiency, but they also create an entry point for other unpleasant substances.

Hazards Accumulating Inside Your Ducts

A closed system is relatively easy to maintain, with a majority of particulates removed by the furnace filter, and optional UV filtration completing the rest. When functioning properly, these two pieces of your system’s equipment ensure the air flowing through your home is clean and pure.

The result? Your ducts remain free of indoor air hazards such as mold, mildew, and algae.

By contrast, ductwork failure creates an opening in this system—a location for mold spores and mildew particulates to grow and accumulate. Because your air is passing over them AFTER the filtration, you are blowing these air hazards directly into your home.

Even worse? You cannot see what’s happening. Your only sign may be increasing illnesses, difficulty breathing, and ongoing respiratory infections. In the case of black mold, letting it linger without remediation can be life threatening, especially to children and the elderly.

How Do You Know You Have a Leak?

While you can attempt to inspect your ductwork on your own visually, it can be difficult to accomplish in hard to reach areas. Your best bet is to contact a local HVAC pro who can run a camera through your system and perform a variety of other air quality checks to ensure your home is safe.

If you are anywhere near Florence, South Carolina, contact the team here at Jerry’s. We can check your system and make sure you and your family have a healthy indoor environment year-round. To schedule your system safety and prevention assessment, contact us today!

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